Liquid Engines

Liquid Engines

Liquid Engines, Inc., founded in 2000 and based in Santa Clara, CA, is a leading provider of enterprise-class corporate tax management application software and services to Fortune 1000/Global 1000 companies.

Investment History: In October 2007, Incyte completed the purchase of the Company’s Bank Credit facilities. In January 2008, Incyte completed the purchase of the Company through a stock merger. Incyte Capital Managing General Partner Marc Gineris assumed the title of Chairman, President and Chief Operating Officer, and commenced a financial and operational restructuring.

On August 26, 2008, Liquid Engines was purchased by Thomson Tax and Accounting, a division of Thomson Reuters.



eVIN, founded in 1994 and formerly based in Annapolis, MD, provides Internet and client/server-based vehicle electronic registration, titling and information services. eVIN’s proprietary systems interact with state DMV mainframe computers to provide point of sale registration to automobile dealers.

Investment History: In 1999, Incyte led an investor group that purchased a majority interest in eVIN. Incyte Capital Managing General Partner Marc Gineris served as a Board member.

In June 2000, eVIN was sold to General Systems Solutions (“GSS”). In August 2000, GSS merged with FDI Consulting to form triVIN, Inc., the market leader in electronic vehicle registration and electronic title management in the U.S. For Incyte’s seven-year hold period, Marc Gineris held visitation rights on the triVIN Board.

In June 2007, triVIN was sold to American Capital Strategies Ltd. (Nasdaq: ACAS) for $106 million.



NetForce, Inc., founded in 1992 and based in San Francisco, CA, provides comprehensive software and related support services for the safety and pharmacovigilance needs of major pharmaceutical and leading biotechnology companies.

Investment History: Incyte made a portfolio investment in NetForce in July 2001, in a close collaboration with the founder, and worked actively with the Company for the remainder of 2001. On January 30, 2002, with strong encouragement of the founder, NetForce was purchased by Oracle Corporation.

USA Global Logistics

USA Global Logistics

USA Global Logistics, LLC, founded in March 2005 and based near O’Hare Airport in Bensenville, Illinois, is a non-asset-based, third-party logistics and freight transportation provider.

Investment History: Incyte funded the restart of the Company in 2005 and worked closely with the Company on business development in 2006. In late 2006, with strong support of management, Incyte returned its ownership interests to management.

Nature boy & girl


NNP, L.L.C., founded in 1999 and based in Edmonds, WA, is the exclusive U.S. distributor and manufacturer of the premium, environmentally-conscious Nature boy and girl diapers.

Investment History: In July 2003, Incyte provided a credit line and working capital funding to the Company.

Silicon Entertainment

Silicon Entertainment

Silicon Entertainment, Inc., formerly based in Campbell, CA, is the creator and operator of NASCAR Silicon Motor Speedway, an advanced racing simulator location-based entertainment experience.

Investment History: In November 2000, Incyte provided interim bridge financing to Silicon. In February 2001, Incyte, with a group of investors, structured and funded Debtor-In-Possession funding for the Company as part of a possible acquisition. Ultimately, Incyte assisted in the sale of certain collateral to a third party buyer. Incyte retained an economic interest in the Opry Mills (Tennessee) site, which was transferred in full in late 2006.