PageNet Offers Enhanced Message Distribution

May 30, 2010

“PageNet is Canada’s leading paging services and messaging supplier. With a team of dedicated professionals focusing on all facets of the development, enhancement and support of our nationwide network and our customer’s messaging solutions, PageNet is committed to providing the ‘Best Network, Best Coverage, Best Price,'” says Rob Graham Senior Vice President Business Development, CTO. “PageNet utilizes the most advanced single frequency FLEX and ReFLEX technology-based network with mission critical grade digital control systems and high speed satellite linked network facilities, across Canada. PageNet continues to offer TAP access as well as the enhanced SNPP protocol.”

Benefits of SNPP Protocol

SMS is quicker, more efficient, more reliable and a cheaper way of sending messages than via a modem or SMTP (e-mail). When TAP (dial-up connection) is gone, Real Estate Companies can eliminate modems, time spent configuring modems, and extra phone lines (don’t forget to cancel dedicated lines). Result – save time and money and provide better service. Speed and latency experienced delays become a thing of the past:

  • A typical SNPP message is delivered to a handset within 10 seconds of being sent
  • A typical TAP / SMTP (email) message sometimes takes 10+ minutes (up to 4 hours with e-mail)
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