Incyte Capital Holdings LLC, its affiliate founded in San Francisco in June 2000, and based in Uptown Dallas for a decade since 2009, is an actively managed American private equity firm with a highly successful 23 year track record investing in and acquiring middle market companies. Over the years, Incyte has invested and managed committed LP capital as GP in a traditional GP/LP structure, also investing its own capital, with exceptional success. Ultimately, Incyte achieved consistent above market investment results which allowed it to terminate its committed funds arrangements and invest with others in its own proprietary sourced and structured transactions on a dedicated investment and deal basis. Incyte has maintained throughout its history an emphasis on funding and investing in special situations as well as growing companies seeking to complete platform building and growth transactions.

Incyte’s investment philosophy has evolved over the years and is now primarily a buyout model for buyout opportunities, seeking financial control in partnership with management. Incyte also has an investment model which invests in certain earlier stage opportunities. Incyte is a helpful and valuable partner, providing guidance and support in areas of capital structure, governance, finance and in the execution of turnaround initiatives, as well as growth and add-on acquisition strategies. Incyte is led by principals with expert experience in valuation, restructuring, growth and recapitalization transactions.

Although most sectors are considered for investment, industries of particular interest include telecommunications, basic industry, healthcare, distribution, business services, and developed software. As we do not invest in real estate or energy, we make many investments nationally and outside the Texas market.  Incyte seeks investments in companies with strong cash flow, proven revenues, an attractive core business and experienced, committed management.

Incyte is ultimately dedicated to creating a sustainable alignment of interests among all of the parties to an investment. Over its 20 year plus history, Incyte has consistently been a significant investor of its own capital and has executed transactions which carefully and precisely align capital structure, business prospects, funding securities, performance gains and risks, investment horizons and management. We have detailed this commitment under the Alignment Philosophy tab above.

Investment interest is national in scope. The current portfolio companies are largely debt-free and generate very significant cash flow annually. Incyte has no preset hold period and has held some investments in close alignment with its management partners for over a decade. To date, Incyte portfolio companies have returned substantial investment gains to Incyte and to Incyte’s investor partners through successful exits and cash flow distributions. For a description of our current investments and the performance of prior investments, please see the Investments tab above.