Incyte Capital Holdings, through its affiliate The Incyte Capital Charitable Fund, and a related fund, the Kids Deserve More Charitable Fund, has made philanthropy a priority and has consistently given to many existing U.S.-based 501(c)(3) non-profit charities and foundations. Incyte and its principals have participated in making a difference for children, youth, community support programs, medical research, K-12 education, the arts, animal welfare, and the sciences. Since its founding in 2000, Incyte and its principals have made over one hundred donations to charities and foundations in the United States.

Incyte also actively encourages community support in the localities where its portfolio investment companies operate.


Thirty years ago in 1992, Marc A. Gineris founded Kids Deserve More, a Delaware not-for-profit charitable to vitally support kids. We are excited to support these charities, among others, in this mission. Their invaluable charitable work can be viewed by clicking the active links bel

Hole in the Wall Gang Fund, Inc.

My Stuff Bags Foundation

Project Linus

SeriousFun Children’s Network

MARC A. GINERIS – Principal Benefactor and Founder Event 2019