June 20, 2009


eVIN, founded in 1994 and formerly based in Annapolis, MD, provides Internet and client/server-based vehicle electronic registration, titling and information services. eVIN’s proprietary systems interact with state DMV mainframe computers to provide point of sale registration to automobile dealers.

Investment History: In 1999, Incyte led an investor group that purchased a majority interest in eVIN. Incyte Capital Managing General Partner Marc Gineris served as a Board member.

In June 2000, eVIN was sold to General Systems Solutions (“GSS”). In August 2000, GSS merged with FDI Consulting to form triVIN, Inc., the market leader in electronic vehicle registration and electronic title management in the U.S. For Incyte’s seven-year hold period, Marc Gineris held visitation rights on the triVIN Board.

In June 2007, triVIN was sold to American Capital Strategies Ltd. (Nasdaq: ACAS) for $106 million.

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