Incyte Capital Holdings LLC has a highly successful 22 year track record of private equity investing in the middle market. Incyte has maintained throughout its history a particular emphasis on funding and control investing in special situations as well as growing companies seeking to complete platform building transactions. At times, Incyte has also invested in Incyte Incubator or early stage opportunities, as described herein.

Industries of interest include telecommunications, basic industry, healthcare, distribution, business services, and developed software, although most sectors are considered. Incyte Buyouts seeks to invest for control in companies with strong cash flow, proven revenues, an attractive core business and experienced, committed management. Incyte invests its own capital directly alongside management and works carefully and precisely to create sustainable alignment in all identifiable elements of the investment. Incyte Incubator seeks to make minority investments with sizable equity ownership directly with and in close and ongoing collaboration with the founders of earlier stage companies whose business models exhibit certain cash flow and operating characteristics.  Other than as an active and sizable investor directly with founders in early stage, Incyte does not invest as a passive LP in funding rounds.

Incyte seeks to invest at an attractive valuation in revenue-generating companies with strong management and an attractive core business and invests in one to three companies annually. The firm is led by principals with significant experience in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, valuation, and restructuring.

What sets Incyte Capital apart is its keen focus on the stage of development and capital funding needs of its investment prospects. Incyte Buyouts is interested in established companies which seek to grow through platform building transactions as well as companies which are experiencing temporary illiquidity, or a suboptimal ownership or corporate structure, and considering new funding leading to a change of control.

Since its founding in early 2000, Incyte has applied the same six proprietary investment criteria to virtually all of its investment and acquisition activity. While these criteria have been refined over the years, the same fundamental core focus and discipline tenets that have lead to Incyte’s extraordinary investment success remain in place and guide our investment decisions.

Incyte Buyouts invests for control in companies with revenues between $25 million and $200 million at the time of investment. Incyte undertakes a rigorous screening and due-diligence process before pursuing a company investment opportunity. Incyte is an active investor, taking a controlling interest and holding Board seats after making its investment. Management typically finds Incyte to be an extremely helpful and valuable investor, providing guidance and support in areas such as capital structure, governance, finance and other key corporate matters. Incyte Incubator investments can have revenues of $1 million to $3 million at the time of investment and Incyte is a sizable investor with significant and ongoing collaboration directly with the founders.  Incyte does not invest as a passive LP investor.

Incyte Capital is a direct, long buyout investor of its own and partner capital that seeks to create value through active company portfolio management. The firm does not trade securities, engage in hedging activities or use excessive leverage. The firm typically does not offer services as an advisor for fee or hire.

Once Incyte submits a bid, we strive to complete the deal on terms. Incyte has in the past also acted as a back-up bidder in selected situations.